Designing efficient quantum gate operations using nonadiabatic transitions
I-Yun Hsiao1*, You-Ren Chen1, Yoshiaki Teranishi1
1Institute of physics, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
* Presenter:I-Yun Hsiao,
Fast and accurate quantum gate operations are desired to develop quantum computers for practical use. Many of conventional gate operations exploit external electromagnetic wave to induce resonance transition. It should be noted that such an operation can only be achieved after many cycles of oscillations. On the other hand, there are gate operations without using electromagnetic wave, which we expect to be achieved faster than the method using resonance transition. For some qubit systems, such as fluxonium qubit, there are controllable parameters in the system Hamiltonian. The time variance of the parameters can induce quantum transition, which can be used to realize efficient gate operations. Based on this idea, taking fluxonium qubit system as an example, we designed gate operations with high fidelity and short operation time compared to conventional methods. In this talk, we will introduce our basic idea, and demonstrate the efficiency of our schemes.

Keywords: quantum gate operation, nonadiabatic transition, fluxonium qubit