Status and future plans of the TASEH experiment
Yuan-Hann Chang1*
1Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
* Presenter:Yuan-Hann Chang,
TASEH (Taiwan Axion Search Experiment with a Haloscope) is an Axion Dark Matter search experiment based on the Haloscope concept. The detector is a high-quality-factor cavity with tunable resonance frequency, operated at ~30mK temperature in a strong magnetic field. Assuming Dark Matter is made of Axions, they are expected to convert to photons in the cavity, which can be measured by sampling the power output from the cavity.
TASEH has conducted two physics runs in 2020. We have scanned a total ~100 MHz of bandwidth around 4.7 GHz, corresponding to 19.5 eV in Axion mass. We have excluded the Axion-photon coupling constant to ~10 times the theoretical expected values in this range. The goal of this experiment is to exclude the Axion-photon coupling to 1x the theoretical value for a 1 GHz bandwidth.
This talk will review the current status of the experiment, followed by the potential improvements in instrumentation which will allow us to achieve the experiment goals in the coming two years.

Keywords: Dark matter, Axion, Haloscope