Investigation to the temporal pulsing effect in intracavity optical parametric oscillator
Chun-Yu Cho1*, Cheng-Kai Sung1,2, Cheng-Yu Su1,2, Je-Hau Shr1,2, Xin-Cheng Lin1,2
1Electro Optical Engineering, National United Unviersity, Miaoli city, Taiwan
2These authors contributed equally in this research, NA, NA, Taiwan
* Presenter:Chun-Yu Cho,
The intracavity optical parametric oscillator (OPO) includes coupled interaction among gain medium population inversion, mother pump fundamental wave, and OPO signal wave. The temporal pulsing effect is commonly observed when a solid-state crystal was utilized as the gain medium because of the strong depletion in coupled resonator. Coupled rate equations are utilized to analysis such behavior and to explore possible solutions for generating pulse-free continuous-wave (CW) OPO. Experiments of using optically pumped semiconductor gain medium as well as using intracavity second harmonic generation are demonstrated to support theoretical analysis for CW mid-IR laser operations.

Keywords: optical parametric oscillator, optically pumped semiconductor laser, mid-infrared laser, laser rate equations