Material-based superconducting quantum circuits
Kuei-Lin Chiu1*
1Department of physics, National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.), Taiwan
* Presenter:Kuei-Lin Chiu,
Integrating 2D materials (such as graphene) with superconducting circuits is an emerging topic in searching of new types of quantum computing devices owing to its superb conductivity and 2D gateable nature. Several key observations, such as gate-tunable qubit energy, Rabi oscillation and qubit relaxation time T1 (dephasing time T2∗) at the scale of 36 ns (51 ns), have been reported. Topological materials, for their topologically protected surface and edge states which can serve as a robust channel to carry supercurrent, are also promising candidates for use in 2D materials-based quantum computing devices. In addition, the S-T-S junction (S is superconductor and T is topological material) naturally provides a platform to explore the physics associated with Majorana bound states (MBS). In this talk, I will review this field and talk about some recent developments including our own works.

Keywords: 超導量子位元, 拓樸材料, 量子材料