Screw dislocations in the confinement induced layering of quenched 3D Yukawa liquids
Yun-Xuan Zhang1*, Hao-Wei Hu1, Lin I1
1Department of Physics, National Central University, Zhongli, Taiwan
* Presenter:Yun-Xuan Zhang,
The confinement by a flat boundary can line up liquid particles and turn the cold liquid into layered structures. However, the layering transition dynamics for the confined liquid after quenching still remains elusive. In this work, the above issue in the quenched 3D Yukawa liquid is investigated, through molecular dynamic simulations. We demonstrate the first observation of screw dislocations with helical layering fronts winding around cores with undetermined phase. The spatiotemporal evolutions of defect filaments and the surrounding stereo structures will be presented.

Keywords: Soft condensed matter physics, Dusty plasma, Surface-induced layering, Screw dislocation Defects