Confinement induced disorder to order layering transitions of 3D Yukawa liquids
Yi-Cheng Zhao1*, Hao-Wei Hu1, Lin I1
1Department of physics, National central university, Zhongli, Taiwan
* Presenter:Yi-Cheng Zhao,
In the liquid under the confinement by a flat boundary, particles with disordered structures are gradually lined up and form layers with decreasing distance to the flat boundary, which can be deteriorated by background thermal agitation. Here, the transition scenario of confined 3D Yukawa liquids with decreasing temperature and transverse distance to the flat boundary, is numerically investigated. It is found that, with the decreases of the above two controlled parameters, layering starts to emerge in the form of clusters exhibiting power-law size distributions with gradually increasing scaling exponents until the percolating transition to the appearance of a large cluster spanning over both the xy and xyt spaces. It is similar to those of the non-equilibrium transitions observed in various nonlinear extend systems governed by percolation theory.

Keywords: Dusty plasma, Soft condensed matter physics, Surface-induced layering