Development of Pulsed High Power RF System for Free Electron Laser Research
Wei Yuan Chiang1*, An Ping Lee1, Wai Keung Lau1, Hsin Pai Hsueh1, Kuo Tung Hsu1, Yung Sen Cheng1, Shu Hwa Lee1
1Light Source Division, National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, Hsinchu, Taiwan
* Presenter:Wei Yuan Chiang,
An extreme ultraviolet free electron laser (EUV FEL) system is currently under design in NSRRC. The baseline design goal of FEL radiation wavelength is 66.5 nm and the peak power is 280 MW. In order to achieve this goal, a high brightness electron beam of 250 MeV energy has to be produced by an S-band drive linac system. This system consists of four traveling-wave constant gradient rf linac strucutures that are driven by three 35 MW klystron systems of 4 μs duration. One of three systems will be working incorporate with an energy doubler (SLED-I) for efficient use of rf energy. This study concentrated on the design of high power pulse rf system, which is a combination of a Canon E37310A pulsed klystron unit and an 80 MW high voltage modulator (HVMOD). The HVMOD is a line-type modulator with high voltage stability that meet the stringent requirement of rf stability set by high gain free electron lasers.

Keywords: High Power Microwave, Pulse Power System, Free Electron Laser Research, Klystron, Modulator