A Scanning Tunneling Microscopic Study of Analyzing Morphology and Defects of Rhenium Diselenide Surface and Molybdenum Diselenide Surface
Tzu-Hsuan Yang1*, Bu-Wei Huang1, Wen-Han Chang1, Hung-Ru Chen1, Tsu-Yi Fu1
1Department of Physics, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan
* Presenter:Tzu-Hsuan Yang, email:shannonyang8899@gmail.com
Rhenium diselenide and Molybdenum diselenide belong to the family of layered transition metal dichalcogenide semiconductors with layers bound by van der Waals forces. In this work, we compare the bulk surface of Rhenium diselenide and Molybdenum diselenide by a scanning tunneling microscope. By analyzing different kinds of defects on different materials, we reveal how defects affect morphology in different situations.

Keywords: two-dimensional materials, atomic and nanoscale characterization, Rhenium diselenide, suface and interface physics, Molybdenum diselenide