Chemical tuning of magnetic anisotropy and correlations in Ni1−xFexPS3
Raman Sankar1*
1Institute of Physics,, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
* Presenter:Raman Sankar,
We report the temperature and composition dependence of static magnetic susceptibility and Raman spectroscopic measurements on van der Waals antiferromagnets Ni1−xFexPS3. The end members NiPS3 and FePS3 feature XY - and Ising-like magnetism, respectively, enabling chemical tuning of magnetic anisotropy and spin correlations. Ni1−xFexPS3 shows a turnover from the XY to Ising anisotropy through x ≈ 0.1. Although the XY anisotropy is rapidly suppressed on introducing Fe content, two-magnon scattering evidences the slow repression of short-range magnetic correlations deep inside the Fe-rich side. Counterintuitively, the two-magnon signal undergoes less renormalization of its energy with increasing x despite the larger spin number and enhanced classical magnetism. The disparate static and dynamic magnetic behaviors indicate the emergence of an exotic spin state in alloy van der Waals magnets.

Keywords: magnetic van der Waals (vdW) materials, Ni1−xFexPS3, magnetic, magnetic anisotropy, CRYSTAL GROWTH