Resistive switching in AlOx-based magnetic tunnel junctions
Jhen-Yong Hong1*
1Department of Physics, Tamkang University, New Taipei City, Taiwan
* Presenter:Jhen-Yong Hong,
In this report, resistive switching memory devices constructed of an AlOx-based magnetic tunnel junction are described and classified according to their I–V behavior and the underlying switching mechanisms. By classifying the I-V characteristics, [1,2] low-frequency 1/f noise [2] and the angular dependence of magneto-transport properties, the current state of electrical and magneto-resistive response is illustrated in-depth. Moreover, we further demonstrate the coexistence of unipolar and bipolar resistive switching in this system. The conduction mechanism and Joule heating effect are included to address the under-lying mechanism of transport properties associated with resistive switching and magneto-resistive effects.

1. Jhen‑Yong Hong*, C.‑F. Hung, K.‑H. Ou Yang, K.‑C. Chiu, D.-C. Ling, W.‑C. Chiang and M.‑T. Lin, Electrically programmable magnetoresistance in AlOx‑based magnetic tunnel junctions. Scientific Reports 11, 6027 (2021).
2. Jhen-Yong Hong*, C.-Y. Chen, D.-C. Ling, I. Martínez, C. González-Ruano and F. G. Aliev, Low-frequency 1/f noise characteristics of ultra-Thin AlOx-based resistive switching memory devices with magneto-resistive responses. Electronics 10, 2525 (2021)

Keywords: magnetic tunnel junction, magneto-resistive response, resistive switching, low-frequency 1/f noise