Magnetoresistance Properties in Transfer-Free Graphene Grown on SiO2 by APCVD
Chi-Ling Wu1*, Bo-Wei Chen1, Chia-Shain Chuang1, Chi Chen2, Dung-Sheng Tsai1
1Department of Electronic Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University, Taoyuan City 32023, Taiwan
2Research Center for Applied Science, Academia Sinica, Taipei 11529, Taiwan
* Presenter:Chi-Ling Wu,
Large-scale and direct growth of graphene on insulating substrates is a critical step for practical applications of graphene in electronics. After CVD graphene grown on catalytic metals (Cu and Ni), a transfer process of the as-grown graphene from catalytic metals to desired substrates is indispensable. Furthermore, the full understanding of magnetoresistance (MR) and carriers transport properties of graphene-based materials is still an interesting challenge despite the fact that many researchers have reported on the various applications of graphene-based devices.
This work focuses on the Raman analysis and optimization of transition metal (Cu and Ni)-catalyzed graphene grown directly on SiO2. According to the results, the low-defect and large-area graphene shows the feasibility of transition metal (Cu and Ni)-induced graphitization with CH4 as a carbon source. Moreover, MR measurements of transfer-free graphene were performed by a four-probe measurement system from RT to ~6.5 K with a tunable magnetic field. Compared with Cu-induced transfer-free graphene, Ni-induced graphene shows obvious MR properties (MR value: 8% @ RT; MR value: -3% @ ~6.5 K), implying that Ni-induced transfer-free graphene may be promising for the applications in magnetic sensors.

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[2] K. Gopinadhan, Y. Shin, R. Jalil et al, “Extremely Large Magnetoresistance in Few-Layer Graphene/Boron–Nitride Heterostructures,” Nat Commun 6, 8337 (2015).

Keywords: Transfer-Free Graphene, Transition Metal-catalyzed Graphene, APCVD, Magnetoresistance