Resolving noncircular barlike flows in galaxies with high spatial resolution
Carlos Lopez-Coba1*
1Astronomy & Astrophysics, ASIAA, Taiwan, Taiwan
* Presenter:Carlos Lopez-Coba,
Non-axisymmetric potentials induce the formation of some structural components of galaxies such as spiral
arms and stellar bars. These kinds of perturbations over axisymmetric potentials affect the dynamics of particles on the disk by
changing their orbits, being able to induce deviations in the circular rotation.
In this talk, I will address the incidence of bar-like flows in galaxies observed with integral field
spectroscopic data (MUSE and MaNGA). I will show that gas and stellar velocity fields of
barred galaxies are affected by the bar-potential, and they are better described with
elongated orbits instead of pure circular rotation models.

Keywords: Kinematics of galaxies, Bars