Mechanical properties of defected large area suspended graphene
Shen-Yu Huang1*, Wei Yen Woon1
1Department of physics, National Central University, Taoyuan, Taiwan
* Presenter:Shen-Yu Huang,
Graphene is the strongest material ever known. Previously, the Young’s modulus of suspended graphene has been measured through atomic force microscope based nanoindentation technique(AFM-ni). It has been reported that the mechanical properties of suspended graphene would be changed drastically if there are defects in graphene. However, the defect density and the way of creation were not control well. Otherwise, the sizes of suspended graphene were relatively small so that the boundary condition were inevitable. In this work, the suspended single layer graphene(SSLG) is transferred on the SiO2/Si with the hole sizes of 2um and 5um. Furthermore, the defects in SSLG were created through ion implantation with high precision in doses and energies. Through the AFM-ni we measure the mechanical properties of SSLG with defects and correlate the measured Young’s modulus to Raman spectroscopy.

Keywords: mechanical properties, defect, suspended graphene