The submitted abstracts can be in either English (preferred) or Chinese.


The papers presented in the annual meeting include Oral and Poster presentations:


  • Oral presentation:
  1. The Oral presentations will be organized into parallel sessions according to the topic categories selected during the abstract submissions. Invited talks are talks invited by the program committee. The rest of talks are contributed talks which will be selected by the program committee.
  2. When all the time slots for Oral presentation are occupied, some of the abstracts submitted as Oral presentation will be assigned to Poster session.
  3. *Oral talks, including Invited and Contributed talks, must be presented in English, except for the talks for Physics Education.


  1. Best Oral Presentation Award and AAPPS Award: All students, both undergraduate and graduate, and Research Assistants (non-faculty) are encouraged to submit an extra 2-pages Summary, in addition to the Abstract, for the Best Oral Presentation Award.
    2-pages Summary (Proceeeding Template)
  2. The oral presentations in the 2022 Annual Meeting will run in a hybrid format: presentations will be conducted both virtually and in-person. However, for the competition of Best Oral Presentation Award and AAPPS Award, participators are requested to attend the event in person unless otherwise notified of changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
    由於疫情緣故2022物理年會口頭發表為Hybrid形式: 實體投影+線上會議。除非疫情於會前變動升級,為求評審公平性,口頭參賽者必須本人出席實體會議。


  • Poster presentation:
  1. The Poster presentations will be uploaded before the deadline and take place at designated time and online space.
  2. Best Poster Presentation Award: All students, both undergraduate and graduate, and Research Assistants (non-faculty) are eligible for the Best Poster Presentation Award.
  3. There will be two separate groups for the Best Poster Presentation Award: Undergraduates and Graduates/RA . Please remark the group you belongs to in the submission system.
  4. For those (student or research assistant ONLY) selected for Best Poster Awards, you must show up online at the designated time and ready to answer questions from the referees. Best Poster Awards will be awarded in the closing ceremony.
  5. Due to COVID-19 circumtances, the poster sessions in TPS 2022 Annual Meeting are on-line only events.
    After receiving the acceptance letter at the end of December, the presenter has to upload the poster file and the link for a 2-minute video presentation before January 10th, 2022. The poster file is in pdf format, and the content and file size are limited to 1 page and 30 MB, respectively. The poster file will be uploaded to both the Whova platform and the designated cloud drive. The 2-minute video (no standard format) will be uploaded to the presenter’s Youtube channel, and the link to the video will be submitted to the Whova platform.
    請壁報發表者12月底收到接受函後,在1月10日前上傳海報檔案及2分鐘影音連結。海報檔案格式為pdf,內容和檔案大小以1頁、30 MB為限,並上傳到Whova平台和主辦單位指定的雲端資料夾。影音檔(無限定格式)則請上傳到發表人的Youtube,並在Whova平台中貼上連結。


Submission deadline for Abstract: 24:00, November 6, 2021

Submission deadline for Abstract: 24:00, November 13, 2021

Submission deadline for Abstract: 24:00, November 17, 2021

Deadline for post-deadline posters: 24:00, November 20, 2021

Deadline for upload of poster video link: 24:00, January 10, 2022


Poster Competition Guidelines:


Oral Presentation Competition Guidelines:


AAPPS Award Competition Guidelines:






台灣物理年會AAPPS Award評審辦法:

Abstracts can only be submitted after finishing the online registration.
Please submit your abstracts through the website:

On-line Submission 線上投稿

Dear colleagues,
The 2022 annual meeting of TPS now opens the submission for post-deadline poster. The post-deadline poster submission will be available until 2021/11/20 24:00. Please note that the post-deadline poster cannot participate the competition for poster award. In addition, we don't provide revision and retraction opportunities for the submitted abstracts. If you would like to submit post-deadline poster, please take this opportunity to complete your submission.