01 SL-表面與低維物理
Surface Science and Low-Dimensional Physics
The sub-committee solicits for original submissions in the field of condensed matter physics related to the atomic, molecular, lattice, spin, or electronic properties of the surfaces, nanostructures, or low-dimensional materials. Paper contributions including but not limited to (1) material growth, synthesis, and characteristics; (2) structural, electronic, optical, and magnetic properties; (3) phenomena at surface, interface, and hetero-structures; (4) high-resolution characterization at the atomic or nanoscale; (5) theory and simulation; (6) chemistry for energy, catalysis and sensing applications; (7) other novel functional 2D materials and related applications, are all encouraged.本領域徵求與表面、奈米結構或低維材料在凝態物理領域中研究原子、分子、晶格、自旋、或電子性質相關的原創論文。論文主題建議可包括但不侷限於(1)材料生長、合成與特性;(2)結構、電子、光和磁性特性;(3)表面, 介面和異質結構現象;(4)具高解析度的原子或奈米尺度檢測;(5)理論與模擬;(6)化學特性,如能源、催化與感測應用; (7)其他新穎功能性二維材料與元件及其相關應用等,均歡迎投稿至本領域。
02 SOE-半導體/光電
The sub-committee solicits original submissions in the field of semiconductor physics and optoelectronic devices. Relevant topics include but are not limited to (1) solid-state material growth, synthesis, and its electrical or optoelectrical characteristics; (2) semiconductor-related devices physics, fabrication and performance; (3) physical properties of semiconductors and numerical simulation/modeling; (4) low dimensional systems such as quantum dots, nanowires, quantum wells, graphene, and 2D materials; (5) optoelectronic devices (6) other novel functional semiconductor materials/devices and related applications.本領域徵求與半導體物理及光電元件相關之原創論文,論文主題建議可包括但不侷限於(1)固態材料生長、合成與其光電及電性特性分析; (2)半導體元件物理、製程和輸出特性; (3)半導體物理性質和數值模擬; (4)低維度半導體系統,如量子點,奈米線,量子井,石墨烯和其他二維材料; (5) 光電元件;(6)新型功能半導體材料與元件及其相關應用等,均歡迎投稿至本領域。
03 MSP-磁性與自旋物理
Magnetism/Spin Physics
The sub-committee solicits original submissions of the latest advances in the field of magnetism and spin physics. Relevant topics include but are not limited to (1) magnetic materials, (2) spin electronics and emerging spintronic applications, (3) new spin phenomena, (4) biomagnetism, (5) magnetic surface and interfaces, and (6) 2D van der Waals spin systems.本領域徵求磁性和自旋物理學領域最新進展的原創論文,論文主題建議可包括但不侷限於 (1) 磁性材料;(2) 自旋電子學和新興自旋電子學應用;(3) 新穎自旋現象;(4) 生物磁學;(5) 磁性表面和界面,以及 (6) 二維凡得瓦自旋系統等,均歡迎投稿至本領域。
04 SC-超導/強關聯/量子材料
Superconductivity/Strongly Correlated Systems/Quantum Materials
Topics including but not limited to 1. Unconventional superconductivity 2. Quantum phase transition 3. Exotic quantum state of matter (e.g., charge density waves, spin liquid, strange metals, non-Fermi liquid, multiferroics, 1D Luttinger liquid ...) 4. Novel quantum material (topological insulator, topological semimetal, topological superconductor, Majorana fermion, .., )本領域徵求論文涵蓋主題(不受限於)為: 1. 非傳統超導體物理 2. 量子相變 3. 奇特之量子態(如: 電荷密度波,自旋液體,奇異金屬,非費米液體,多鐵性物質,一維之Luttinger 液體,...) 4. 新穎量子材料(如:拓樸絕緣體,拓樸半金屬體,拓樸超導體,馬約拉納費米子,...) 。
05 OP-光學
Optics and Photonics
The purpose of optics session is to bring together researchers and students to exchange ideas and present latest advancements in these fields. Relevant topics include but are not limited to (1) Raman spectrum, photoluminescence, electroluminescence, catholuminescence;  (2) time-resolved spectroscopy, THz, nonlinear optics; (3) holography, microscopy, bioptics; (4) photonic crystal, metamaterial, plasmon, nanophotonics; (5) quantum optics, ultrafast optics; and (6) laser machining, sensing, communication, waveguide.主要讓從事光學相關研究的學者專家、學生能有一交換想法、心得及發表最新研究的平台。本領域徵求與光學及光電元件相關之原創論文,論文主題建議可包括但不侷限於 (1) 拉曼光譜、光致發光、電致發光, 陰極發光; (2) 時間解析光譜、兆赫波、非線性光學; (3) 全像、顯微影像、生物光學; (4) 光子晶體、超穎材料、電漿子、奈米光學; (5) 量子光學、超快光學; (6) 雷射加工、感測、通訊、波導等,均歡迎投稿至本領域。
06 BPI-生物物理/生物影像技術
Biological Physics and Bio-Imaging
The sub-committee welcome original submissions in  biological physics and bioimaging. The topics include the study of biological phenomena using physical approaches, investigating into the physical principles and mechanisms of living orgaisms, and development of physical techniques to probe biological systems. Part of the topics are overlapped with soft matter and statistical mechanics. The organizers may adjust the submission between two fields accordingly.本領域徵求與生物物理和生物影像技術相關的原創論文。論文主題包括用物理學的方法來研究生物現象、了解生物系統裡運用的物理機制,還有發展新的物理技術來研究生物系統。部分主題與軟物理重疊,會視兩邊論文情況做調整。
07 SM-軟物質/統計力學
Soft Matter and Statistical Mechanics
The sub-committee solicits original submissions in soft matter, statistical mechanics, and granular materials. The topics include self-assembly, rheology, non-equilibrium, and driven/active matter. Part of the topics are overlapped with biological physics. The organizers may adjust the submission between two fields accordingly.本領域徵求在軟物質、統計力學和顆粒流的原創論文。論文主題包含自主裝系統、流變學、非平衡系統、驅動或主動物質。部分主題與生物物理重疊,會視兩邊論文情況做調整。
08 QI-量子資訊與量子計算
Quantum Information and Quantum Computing
The sub-committee solicits for original submissions in the field of quantum information science and quantum computation. Both theoretical and experimental works are welcomed. Paper contributions including but not limited to (1) Quantum cryptography (2) Quantum communication (3) Quantum computation (4) Quantum metrology and sensing (5) Quantum control (6) Hybrid quantum systems (7) Quantum thermodynamics (8) Quantum resource theories (9) Fundamental test of quantum mechanics.本領域徵求與量子資訊與粒子計算相關之原創論文,理論與實驗工作都歡迎投稿,論文主題建議可包括但不侷限於 (1) 量子密碼學 (2) 量子通訊 (3) 量子計算 (4) 量子計量學與感測 (5) 量子控制 (6) 混合量子系統 (7) 量子熱力學 (8) 量子資源理論 (9) 量子力學基礎驗證 。
09 PF-粒子與場
Particles and Fields
The sub-committee solicits for submissions on the subject of particles and fields. Paper contributions including but not limited to (1) Particle physics theory and phenomenology; (2) Collider experiments and beam-line based experiments; (3) Neutrino and low background experiments; (4) Experimental instruments and technology; (5) Future experiments and projects; (6) Quantum Field Theory; (7) Conformal Field Theory; (8) String Theory; (9) Gravity, are all encouraged.本領域徵求與粒子與場物理相關之論文。論文主題建議可包含但不侷限於(1)粒子物理理論與現象學;(2)對撞機實驗與粒子束實驗;(3)微中子與低背景實驗;(4)實驗儀器與技術;(5)新興實驗與研究計畫; (6)量子場論; (7)共型場論;(8)弦論; (9)重力,歡迎發表最新研究及交換心得。
10 AG-天文/重力/宇宙學 Astrophysics,Gravity and CosmologyThe sub-committee solicits for original submissions in the field of astrophysics, gravity, and cosmology. Theoretical, observational, and instrumental works are all welcomed. Paper contributions including but not limited to (1) astrophysics; (2) planetary science; (3) solar physics; (4) cosmology, and (5) gravity本領域徵求與天文物理,重力,宇宙學相關之原創論文,並歡迎從事理論,觀測與儀器研究學者投稿,論文主題建議可包括但不侷限於 (1) 天文物理; (2) 行星科學; (3) 太陽物理; (4) 宇宙學; (5) 重力
11 PP-電漿物理
Plasma Physics
The sub-committee solicits for original submissions in the field of plasma physics. Paper contributions including but not limited to (1) plasma experiments and applications; (2) plasma theory and simulation are all encouraged.本領域徵求與電漿物理相關之原創論文。論文主題建議可包含但不侷限於(1)電漿實驗及應用(2)電漿理論及模擬,歡迎發表最新研究及交換心得。
12 AI-加速器/儀器發展
Accelerator Physics/ Instrumentation Development
Instrumentation development not only highly correlated with a country’s science and technology advances, it is also making great impact on the economic development and industrial progress. In this regard, starting from this year, the Physical Society of Taiwan is organizing a joint session to combine the accelerator physics and instrumentation development, to promote both the accelerator related researches and the science and technology for instrumentation development.
This sub-committee welcomes original submissions in the fields related to the accelerator researches, applications of accelerator, synchrotron radiation, instrumentation development for any research fields. This session provides a platform to share your experience and an opportunity to communicate with a broad spectrum of scientists who will definitely benefit from your contribution.
13 AM-原子/分子
Atomic and Molecular Physics
The sub-committee solicits for original submissions in the field of atomic, molecular, and optical physics. Both theoretical and experimental works are welcomed. Paper contributions including but not limited to (1) Fundamental concepts (2) Atomic and molecular structure and dynamics (3) Atomic and molecular collisions and interactions (4) Atomic and molecular processes in external fields (5) Quantum gases and collective properties of cold atoms and molecules (6) Precision measurement and metrological application (7) Quantum optics, physics of lasers, nonlinear optics, and classical optics. (8) Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy小組委員會徵求原子、分子與光學物理領域的原創意見。 理論和實驗工作都歡迎。 包括但不限於:(1)基礎概念(2)原子與分子結構和動力學(3)原子與分子碰撞和相互作用(4)外加場與原子和分子的作用過程(5)量子氣體以及冷原子與分子的集體性質(6)精密量測與計量學應用 (7)量子光學,雷射物理,非線性光學和古典光學 (8) 原子與分子光譜。
14 PT-物理教學
Physics Teaching
15 EES主題論壇:新興能源科學
Topical Symposia:Emerging Energy Science
The symposium encompasses basic studies and applications, and addresses the recent advances in interdisciplinary research on advanced functional materials for energy generation, conversion, storage and saving.此主題論壇將涵蓋有關新穎能源材料之基礎研究與應用,對於先進功能性材料用於產能、轉能、儲能和節能進行跨領域科學研究的最新發展與討論。
16 NM 主題論壇:量子傳輸與多體系統
Topical Symposia:Quantum transport in many-body systems
The topic focuses on theoretical progress on quantum transport which may include: time evolution and quench dynamics, finite temperature simulations, dynamics in open quantum systems, mainly but not limited in many-body systems.此主題專注於量子傳輸的理論進展,大致可包含:時間演化及淬火動態、有限溫度模擬、動態開放量子系統,其主要對於但不限於多體物理系統。