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01 SL-表面與低維物理 Surface Science and Low-Dimensional Physics

02 SOE-半導體/光電 Semiconductors/Optoelectronics03 MSP-磁性與自旋物理 Magnetism/Spin Physics04 SC-超導/強關聯/量子材料 Superconductivity/Strongly Correlated Systems/Quantum Materials05 OP-光學 Optics and Photonics
06 BPI-生物物理/生物影像技術 Biological Physics and Bio-Imaging07 SM-軟物質/統計力學 Soft Matter and Statistical Mechanics08 QI-量子資訊與量子計算 Quantum Information and Quantum Computing09 PF-粒子與場 Particles and Fields10 AG-天文/重力/宇宙學 Astrophysics,Gravity and Cosmology
11 PP-電漿物理 Plasma Physics12 AI-加速器/儀器發展 Accelerator Physics/ Instrumentation Development13 AM-原子/分子 Atomic and Molecular Physics14 PT-物理教學 Physics Teaching15 EES主題論壇:新興能源科學 Topical Symposia:Emerging Energy Science


01 SL-表面與低維物理 Surface Science and Low-Dimensional Physics發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優勝壁報(3)PP-SL-013陳福祥國立陽明交通大學STM characterization of defects in MoS2 FET
PP-SL-045郭淑華國家同步輻射研究中心The electronic structure of Stanene on Cu (111) with angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
PP-SL-081胡逸凡國立臺灣大學Non-destructive covalent functionalization of the graphene with chromium tricarbonyl
佳作壁報(11)PP-SL-002邱翔彬國立臺灣大學Manipulating electron waves in graphene using carbon nanotube gating
PP-SL-007胡翔淇國立臺灣師範大學Threefold Symmetrical Growth of MoS₂ Homoepitaxial Patterns with Enhanced Valley Polarization
PP-SL-021蔡湕辰國立臺灣師範大學Reduction of magnetic defects and coercivity for Co/Si by introducing rubrene at the interface
PP-SL-028楊子萱國立臺灣師範大學A Scanning Tunneling Microscopic Study of Analyzing Morphology and Defects of Rhenium Diselenide Surface and Molybdenum Diselenide Surface
PP-SL-033高睿成國立陽明交通大學The Adatoms on Cu2O Surface Tuning Electronic Structure for the Photocatalytic Application
PP-SL-041王渝涵國立中央大學Mechanism of Surfactant-Mediated Tungsten Disulfide Growth from Monolayers to Bilayers
PP-SL-047謝慶霖國立中央大學Growth mechanism of hydrogen-assisted multilayer Hexagonal Boron Nitride on Cu substrate
PP-SL-049洪湘評國立成功大學Probing Nontrivial Domain Structures in  Strain-Modulated Ferroelectric Films by Scanning Probe Microscopy
PP-SL-056沈盈均國立清華大學Confined Conducting Filaments in Resistive Random Access Memory by Al2O3 Nanodome Shaped Arrays (NDSAs) via Glancing Angle Deposition Technology
PP-SL-063陳冠豪國立陽明交通大學Electronic Structure of Monolayer Molybdenum Diselenide Epitaxially Grown on Au(111)
PP-SL-066紀政宏國立臺灣大學Scanning electron thermal absorption microscopy for light elements detection and quantitative chemical analysis
02 SOE-半導體/光電 Semiconductors/Optoelectronics發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優勝壁報(5)PP-SOE-048劉錚國立成功大學Optical Signatures of Exciton Polaritons in Two Dimensional (PEA)₂PbBr₄ Halide Perovskites
PP-SOE-073張瑀真國立臺灣師範大學Polarization-resolved Raman spectrum of graphene on different substrates
PP-SOE-090梁伯維國立臺灣大學Graphene Base Hot Electron Transistors Enhanced by Double Filter Barrier In GHz Range Operation
PP-SOE-101廖峻德國立成功大學Exciton Localization Effect in Cesium Lead Halide Perovskite Micro-hemispherical Crystals
PP-SOE-123陳威翰國立陽明交通大學High-performing Flexible and Transparent Deep-Ultraviolet Photodiode of NiO-Ga2O3 Heteroepitaxy
佳作壁報(16)PP-SOE-046林宛宣國立台北科技大學Characteristic of two photon absorption from ligand modified perovskite QDs
PP-SOE-053吳芳儒國立臺灣科技大學Electronic Transport Properties in TiS2 Nanocrystals
PP-SOE-057謝岳呈國立臺灣科技大學Surface Electron Accumulation and Enhanced Hydrogen Evolution Reaction in MoSe2 Basal Planes
PP-SOE-058余佳旻國立中央大學Inorganic/organic hybrid light-emitting transistors with high efficiency and spatially defined uniform emission
PP-SOE-064Carlo Sta. Maria國立東華大學Synthesis, Characterization, and Photodetector Application of Bi2S3 Nanostructures
PP-SOE-067蔡惟宸國立台北科技大學Flexible DFB laser based on silk fibroin grating replica
PP-SOE-080簡士博國立臺灣師範大學Symmetry Breaking and Helicity Exchange of Raman Scattering in Hexagonal Boron Nitride
PP-SOE-084Chia-Jung Lee國立臺灣師範大學All-inorganic perovskite quantum dot light-emitting memories
PP-SOE-093邵葆雯國立陽明交通大學Flexo-phototronic Effect in Centro-symmetric BiVO4 Epitaxial Films
PP-SOE-100張永昇國立成功大學Substrateless surface plasmon polariton laser
PP-SOE-118黃炳琛國立清華大學Valleytronics beyond valley flavor
PP-SOE-124Aswin kumar Anbalagan國立清華大學Gamma-ray engineered surface defects on zinc oxide nanorods towards enhanced NO2 gas sensing performance at room temperature
PP-SOE-135林子鈴淡江大學Short Wavelength Light Controllable Depletion Zone of Defect in Different Concentration Oxygen Gas Environment
PP-SOE-145林奕安淡江大學Band gap Shrinkage and Charge Transfer in Two-Dimensional Layered SnS₂ doped with Vanadium : First-principles study
PP-SOE-154姚烜鈞中央研究院Evolution of Raman Backscattering from InSe and GeSe during the Process of Laser-Thinning
PP-SOE-158蔡欣穎國立中山大學Analysis of the degradation mechanism under hot carrier stress in GaN MIS HEMTs
03 MSP-磁性與自旋物理 Magnetism/Spin Physics發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優勝壁報(2)PP-MSP-012陳彥成國立陽明交通大學Coherent Transverse Acoustic Phonon Generation of Spinel FeCr2O4 in magnetic ordered state
PP-MSP-026許延齡國立彰化師範大學Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy induced by antiferromagnetic layers through Cu spacer layer: Effects of long-range exchange coupling
佳作壁報(8)PP-MSP-004劉仕渝國立臺灣師範大學Modulated magnetism in heterostructure of CsPbBr₃/ferromagnetic metal by thermal treatment and laser irradiation
PP-MSP-023洪詩閔國立屏東大學Carbon-coated maghemite nanoparticles with enhanced photocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine 6G
PP-MSP-024徐孺國立中正大學An X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism study on Tm3Fe5O12 thin films with Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy
PP-MSP-034劉恩沛淡江大學Study of Structure and Magnetic Properties of Perovskite Pr(MnxCr1-x)O3
PP-MSP-037胡煜欣國立臺灣師範大學A novel design of nanoscale biosensor using superparamagnetic films and physical mechanism underneath
PP-MSP-046朱彥儒淡江大學Voltage controlled forming free unipolar resistive switching in AlOx-based magnetic tunnel junctions
PP-MSP-049鄭仁傑國立清華大學Influence of boron transport with annealing process in CoFeB/MgO thin film structure capping Zr and Ta layer
PP-MSP-051張哲豪國立臺灣大學Frequency-induced negative magnetic susceptibility in epoxy/magnetite nanocomposites
04 SC-超導/強關聯/量子材料 Superconductivity/Strongly Correlated Systems/Quantum Materials發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優勝壁報(1)PP-SC-019許吉松國立高雄大學Impact of cobalt doping on dielectric and impedance properties of multiferroic TbMnO3
佳作壁報(4)PP-SC-002詹皓喆國立陽明交通大學Phononic switching of Dirac to semimetallic transports in Bi square nets of SrMnBi2
PP-SC-010翁焌峰國立清華大學Berry-curvature-driven anomalous Hall effect in topological insulator (Bi,Sb)2Te3 on ferrimagnetic europium iron garnet
PP-SC-028顏君倢中央研究院High-Tc superconductivity in Bi₂Sr₂CaCu₂O(₈+x) encapsulated with hexagonal boron nitride
PP-SC-033Gennevieve Macam國立中山大學First-principles investigation of single impurity effects in the kagome magnet Co₃Sn₂S₂
05 OP-光學 Optics and Photonics發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優勝壁報(3)PP-OP-039吳昇展國立成功大學Dispersion Relation and Condensation of Exciton–Polaritons in ZnO microrod Whispering-Gallery Microcavities
PP-OP-068王彥又國立臺灣大學Plasmon-Enhanced Upconversion Luminescence in Two-Dimensional Halide Perovskite Film
PP-OP-091劉思彤國立臺灣大學Heterodyne Sum-Frequency Surface Phonon Spectroscopy
佳作壁報(10)PP-OP-034李宥驊國立陽明交通大學Different on-site magnetoelastic coupling in optomagnet (Fe1-xZnx)2Mo3O8.
PP-OP-036晏德心國立臺灣大學Ultrasmall High Efficiency All-Optical Switch with Single Silicon Nanoparticles
PP-OP-038李定山國立臺灣大學Femtosecond acoustic response of aluminum nano-films
PP-OP-048林翰廷國立清華大學Multi-types topological quasiparticle lattice in near field generated by surface plasmon
PP-OP-056黃雋華國立清華大學Laser Welding with Ultrafast 300-fs and 70-fs Laser Pulses
PP-OP-062陳昱瑄國立成功大學Spectral and Dynamic Characteristics of Exciton Localization in All Inorganic Cesium Lead Halide Perovskite Micro-crystals
PP-OP-079黃星瑋國立清華大學Energy enhancement of Multiple Plate Compression with optical Vortex Beam
PP-OP-080賴姵辰國立清華大學Coherent Raman imaging by using a supercontinuum light source
PP-OP-083盧冠廷國立成功大學Highly Efficient Harmonic Microwave Down-Conversion Using Semiconductor Lasers at Stable-Locking Dynamics
PP-OP-096蔡宛臻國立中正大學Exploring Beam Structure Variation of Lissajous Resonant Modes by a Diode-End-Pumped Nd:YVO₄ Laser During Power Scaling
06 BPI-生物物理/生物影像技術 Biological Physics and Bio-Imaging發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優勝壁報(2)PP-BPI-029Chia-Ni Tsai中央研究院Label-free imaging of chromatin dynamics and organization by high-speed scattering-based interference optical microscopy
PP-BPI-031吳采穎國立臺灣大學Two-photon Volumetric Endoscopic System for Deep and High-speed 3D Brain Imaging
佳作壁報(6)PP-BPI-040陳芷韻國立中央大學Probing bacterial flagellar motor stator exchange by SRRF
PP-BPI-043Pooja Manik Badgujar國立東華大學Identification and Localization of Bacteria at Single-Cell Level in Cancer Cell using Raman Spectroscopy Combined with Multivariate Data Analysis
PP-BPI-044廖婉淇中國醫藥大學Quantitative Image-based Characterization of the Cellular Structure in a Functional Tissue
PP-BPI-049黃芊穎國立東華大學Nanodiamond facilitated drug therapeutic efficacy in breast cancer cellular model
PP-BPI-052Wrenit Gem Pearl Irudayaraj國立東華大學Berberine mediated gold nanoclusters as photosensitizer for cancer diagnosis and therapeutic applications
PP-BPI-062陳品翰國立清華大學Poor man’s scaling in Kinouchi-Copelli neuronal networks
07 SM-軟物質/統計力學 Soft Matter and Statistical Mechanics發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優勝壁報(1)PP-SM-010蕭晨妤國立中央大學Vortex dynamics in electromagnetically driven two-dimensional turbulence
佳作壁報(3)PP-SM-004林子婷國立中央大學Dynamics of elliptical particles in swarming bacterial bath
PP-SM-024施俊臣國立中正大學Rotation of ferrofluid drop in a time-varying magnetic field
PP-SM-025莊翔崴國立臺灣大學Improve mechanical properties of Laser-Induced Graphene paper-based sensor by coating polymer
08 QI-量子資訊與量子計算 Quantum Information and Quantum Computing發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優勝壁報(1)PP-QI-019朱凱翊國立中央大學Single Photon Detection based on EIT Light Storage with a Pair of Coupled Superconducting Qubits in Waveguide QED
佳作壁報(2)PP-QI-011郭橒樺國立成功大學Simulating the dephasing dynamics of diamond NV center on IBMQ
PP-QI-014丁建鈞國立清華大學Fabrication of 3D fluxonium superconducting qubits using Dolan bridge technique
09 PF-粒子與場 Particles and Fields發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優勝壁報(1)PP-PF-036王純一國立清華大學Graph Neural Network for Large Radius Tracking
佳作壁報(4)PP-PF-010Thi Minh Thuan Nguyen國立陽明交通大學Pulse-Shape Discrimination Methods for Background Suppression in JUNO Dark Matter Search
PP-PF-011沈聿陞國立中央大學Dedicated photon identification for H →Zγ with the CMS detector at LHC
PP-PF-024黃顥國立成功大學Study of J/ψ production with jet activity in pp collisions at √s = 200 GeV in the STAR experiment
PP-PF-026梁駿聲國立陽明交通大學Constraining the Gauged U(1) Lμ-Lτ Model by Supernova Neutrino Observation
10 AG-天文/重力/宇宙學 Astrophysics,Gravity and Cosmology發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優勝壁報(3)PP-AG-036陳韋安中央研究院Quantify the morphology of dense cores with ALMAGAL survey data
PP-AG-037凌郁涵國立中央大學Deciphering the Solar Rotation History by Solar Analogs -- A Case Study of the Praesepe Cluster
PP-AG-057馬麗婷國立清華大學Impact of nuclear heating on the kilonova ejecta properties
佳作壁報(11)PP-AG-001王柏雅淡江大學ALMA detections of [OIII] and [CII] emission lines from A1689-zD1 at z=7.13
PP-AG-003王耀德國立臺灣大學Protostellar Variability: A Preliminary Analysis on JCMT Transient Survey 20-month Result of Intermediate-mass Star Forming Region S255
PP-AG-004蕭予揚國立清華大學Constraining the Hubble constant and its lower limit from the proper motion of extragalactic radio jets
PP-AG-013廖政霖國立臺灣大學Investigating the star formation efficiency of the dusty star-forming galaxies at high redshifts through multi-wavelength observations
PP-AG-014凌志騰國立清華大學Comparing the pairwise velocity dispersion of galaxy clusters in observation with a ΛCDM simulation
PP-AG-015林彥興國立清華大學Evolution of AGN Jets of different Cosmic-ray Composition
PP-AG-021黃致穎國立台北科技大學Protected Enhanced High Reflective Optical Metallic Coating for a Marine Ground or Space Telescope
PP-AG-023施驊珊國立中央大學On Non-thermal Escape of Hot Oxygen Atoms from the Atmosphere of Callisto
PP-AG-027鄭豫立國立中央大學On an assessment of the effect of planetary encounters on the gardening of the surface materials of near-Earth asteroids
PP-AG-043謝天國立臺灣大學Gravitational Lensing and Time Delay by Kerr-Newman Black Hole in Strong Deflection Limits
PP-AG-054王皓陞國立清華大學The influence of stellar rotation with different initial mass and metallicity on the core-collapse supernova progenitors and multimessenger signals
11 PP-電漿物理 Plasma Physics發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優勝壁報(1)PP-PP-009賴柏維國立清華大學Laser wakefield acceleration driven by one-terawatt laser pulse in a sub-mm nitrogen gas cell
佳作壁報(3)PP-PP-004郭名翔國立成功大學Study of angular momentum in rotating plasma disk generated from head-on collisions of two rotating plasma jets
PP-PP-005陳漢偉國立中央大學Simulation Study of Effects of Ionization Processes on Radiation Pressure Ion Acceleration
PP-PP-016林怡雯國立清華大學High-Q Fano Resonance in High Contrast Grating for Thin-Film Dielectric Characterization in the Sub-THz Regime
12 AI-加速器/儀器發展 Accelerator Physics/ Instrumentation Development發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優勝壁報(1)PP-AI-002劉哲宇國立成功大學Development of a fast high-voltage pulse generator
佳作壁報(2)PP-AI-003張慕歆國立成功大學Compact Scintillator Array Detector for sounding rocket or CubeSat
PP-AI-004林保廷國立清華大學Effect of Photoinjector Second Order Beam Energy Chirp on Bunch Compressor Performance in a EUV Free Electron Laser System
13 AM-原子/分子 Atomic and Molecular Physics發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優勝壁報(1)PP-AM-002陳伯煒國立中央大學A new type of recommended transitions for optical comb clock
佳作壁報(2)PP-AM-001吳語萱國立臺灣師範大學Ozone Detection using a 3D-Printed Photoacoustic cell with a 265-nm LED
PP-AM-009Hoang-Loc Thi Ngo國立清華大學Experimental observation of splitting and fragmentation in quantum dynamics using Bose-Einstein Condensate
14 PT-物理教學 Physics Teaching發表編號姓名學校論文題目
15 EES主題論壇:新興能源科學 Topical Symposia:Emerging Energy Science發表編號姓名學校論文題目
優勝壁報(1)PP-EES-030盧弘惟國立中興大學Elastic Multifunctional Liquid–Metal Fibers for Harvesting Mechanical and Electromagnetic Energy and as Self-Powered Sensors
佳作壁報(4)PP-EES-007陳姿如國立台北科技大學Plasmonic Nanoframes with Tunable Cavity Sizes and Surface Plasmon Excitation for Improved Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Activity
PP-EES-012范祺展國立臺灣海洋大學Introducing Z-scheme interface between Ag₃PO₄/SnS₂ nano-composites via an ion-exchange approach for enhanced photocatalytic CO₂ reduction
PP-EES-020陳又瑞國立臺灣師範大學Effective Ru/CNT Cathode for Rechargeable Solid-State Li−CO₂ Batteries
PP-EES-024孫允萱國立陽明交通大學The Thermodynamic Model during the Self-Propagation in Reactive Multilayers